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Fox News cut-up Greg Gutfeld has found a new "comedy" muse in Adam Schiff

Screenshot: Fox News (YouTube)

Conservatives often claim to have a sense of humor rivaling, if not surpassing, all us uppity Hollywood liberal types, and, look, we’d be inclined to hear them out more often, except every time we do it just sorta devolves into “owning libs” by standing adjacent to literal Nazis and making fun of Asian cultures. One of their most recent, perplexing attempts at laughs comes from Fox News’ clone defect of comedy, Greg Gutfeld, who appears to have found his latest muse in Adam Schiff.

Honestly, we’re still trying to figure out the angle Gutfeld is going for with this version of Schiff played by comedian Tom Shillue. Granted, the voice is pretty spot on, but other than that, they seem to be insinuating the Representative from California and leading voice in Trump’s current impeachment inquiry is...a Raggedy Andy doll? A clown? Maybe it’s a clown. Didn’t Trump call him a clown once or twice? One of the 20-second spots jokes that Schiff doesn’t have a pulse, so...zombie clown? Pennywise?


Why can’t Adam Schiff take a nap? What does Ovaltine have to do with it? Is this guy Kenny Bania?


Also, wasn’t Tom Shillue a former correspondent for The Daily Show? Oh, it was during the Craig Kilborn era? That was a thing, wasn’t it? Okay, but Stephen Colbert had him on The Late Show less than three years ago as a guest? Yeesh, that interview was awkward. Wait, he’s also frequently opened for Jim Gaffigan in the past, and the pair had a two-man show in the late nineties?

Wait. Have Greg Gutfeld and Tom Shillue broken the comedy time-space continuum? Because that would actually be kind of funny. Oh...oh no...


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