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Fox News brainiacs warn against the dangers of "shooting up" weed

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Well, the dipshits over at Fox News have gone and done it again. In the past, the network has picked on gun control activist teenagers, said it’s not really that bad to die in a church shooting, actually, failed to check that “a Navy SEAL” is actually a SEAL before having him on air, made Tucker Carlson a political force, and, uh, shit on Mr. Rogers. Now, looking to add yet another instance of tremendous stupidity to its collection, Fox has featured a guest concerned about people in San Francisco shooting up marijuana.

The clip, which came about as part of a discussion about the recent language changes introduced by San Francisco authorities to de-stigmatize residents with criminal records, is taken from last night’s edition of Fox’s Outnumbered. In it, David Avella, a guy Mashable’s Morgan Sung reports “chairs GOPAC, an organization that trains Republican candidates,” talks about how the language policy ignores victims and fails to offer solutions to California’s “overcrowded prisons.”


His solution, of course, is to foster “a society that follows the law”—one that doesn’t allow “people to defecate in the streets” or let “individuals [lay] on the street having just shot up with marijuana.” After one of the show’s hosts says “heroin” in an attempt to salvage some of Avella’s dignity, he corrects course and rephrases. (In case you were wondering, the rest of the clip, which focuses on word choices in modern society, sucks in the ways you’d expect it to suck.)

Sung, in a strong showing of journalistic responsibility, mentions the actual history of trying to get high by shooting up weed in the same piece linked above. We learn that there’s a record, via an academic journal, of someone who once created a “boiled marijuana broth” and injected it, which provided “pleasant psychological effects” followed by “a cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, back pain, and a fever” along with a hospital stay. Sung also highlights a molecular biologist and biochemist who said THC “can’t be suspended in a liquid water-based solution.” Missing from this is any real investigation into the real threat of snorting lines of weed or rubbing it directly onto your eyeballs in a depraved attempt to spend a relaxing evening in.

Since Fox News hasn’t failed to mention these kinds of dangers, we’ll do it for you with a simple reminder to carry you through the weekend: If anyone offers to put a pungent-smelling postage stamp on your tongue at a party or breaks out a plastic baggy filled with green buds and needles, just say no. The next thing you know, you could be lying in a gutter, marijuana needle sticking out of your arm.

[via Mashable]

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