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Fox movies like Home Alone and Night At The Museum to get some kind of reboot for Disney+

Illustration for article titled Fox movies like iHome Alone /iand iNight At The Museum /ito get some kind of reboot for Disney+
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Disney has finished absorbing Fox’s film assets into its giant, toothy mouth (we’re picturing something like Venom, if he wasn’t owned by Sony), which means it’s time for some of those film assets to start earning their keep. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is already planning some kind of revival scheme for a number of family-friendly Fox movies, with the THR report saying they’ll be “rebooted” or “relaunched” for the Disney+ streaming service. The movies in question are specifically Night At The Museum, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Home Alone, and Cheaper By The Dozen, making this the first time Disney has mentioned direct plans to do something—whatever it may be—with Fox’s movies.

Again, we don’t really know what Disney is planning here (remakes, TV adaptations, and new sequels are probably all on the table), and the only clue Disney CEO Bob Iger is willing to give is that his company is “focused on leveraging FOx’s vast library of great titles to further enrich the content mix on [platforms like Disney+].” That doesn’t really mean anything, but the point is that Disney wants to make money, and it sees this as a good way to make money.

This all came from an earnings call, during which Iger also confirmed that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is now in charge of Fox’s old Marvel holdings—meaning The X-Men and the Fantastic Four, plus all related characters like Doctor Doom. That seems obvious, since Feige is the guy in charge of Disney’s Marvel stuff anyway, but at least now we definitely know that he’ll show up at Comic-Con someday with an X or a 4 on his baseball hat.

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