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Fox makes New Girl even more "adorkable" by adding Justin Long

Illustration for article titled Fox makes emNew Girl/em even more adorkable by adding Justin Long

Fox’s upcoming sitcom Zooey Deschanel’s Nerd Glasses And Quirky Sense Of Humor Render Her Undateable is about to get a whole lot more “adorkable,” which, yes, is a portmanteau that Fox is actually using to promote the show. Perhaps it’s an effort to totally put you off it at first, then, over time, realize that it’s actually quite fetching, sort of like putting Zooey Deschanel in big nerd glasses. Anyway, one of Deschanel’s many wistful male equivalents in the realm of indie comedy, Justin Long, has signed on for a three-episode arc to play the surely equally offbeat music teacher who falls for her character, sparking a sweetly tentative, awkward romance with which today’s savvy young people will identify. Unfortunately, we have a feeling that things won’t work out for Long and Deschanel, as her character’s refusal to embody traditional female stereotypes means she is destined to die alone.


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