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Fox just can't take any more I Hate My Teenage Daughter

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Continuing an inevitable trajectory that began when it premiered the show well after fall sweeps, more or less pretended it did not exist at the TCAs, and answered any halfhearted question about the series by replying, “Uh, hey, have you seen New Girl? It’s pretty great,” Fox has pulled I Hate My Teenage Daughter from its schedule, casting it to the winds of a still-yet-to-be-determined date in the summer to burn off its remaining episodes. The network had previously planned an April 3 death for what we at The A.V. Club repeatedly declared the worst new comedy of 2011—even in this, The Year Of Whitney—yet a recent ratings low has prompted Fox to get right down to pretending this whole thing never happened and yank it off the air immediately.


Will those shrill mother cartoons ever reconcile with their shrill “mean girl” caricatures through some recycled sitcom contrivance, before Cutty from The Wire collapses under the visible strain of pretending like he doesn’t want to punch everyone in the room? Unfortunately, you’ll just have to leave that to your imagination, which clearly hates you every bit as much as those awful ladies hate their equally awful teenage daughters. [via THR]

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