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With the show already facing accusations of being backwards and unfunny, Fox’s Dads has adopted the strategy of so many “Proud Redneck” T-shirt wearers and insane clown posses before it—owning the hatred, then letting it flow through its promos. The preview below establishes Dads as a war between “Critics vs. Fans,” people who are paid to form reasoned opinions of things vs. people who are cool, snooty elitists vs. regular folk who were cornered in a parking lot after a screening, then asked to give their opinions to a camera crew with the implication that they might be on the TV. And while those early reviewers may have branded Dads “offensive” and “morally wrong,” these ordinary people “don’t see how you can be offended—you just laugh,” “don’t know what you’re talking about,” and proudly rebuke any assertion of it being “reprehensible” with “This is Fox, baby!” in the sort of gleeful network brand loyalty seen so often in the common man.


“Don’t listen to the critics!” concludes one woman, urging the audience to align itself with those who, by not listening to critics, have made shows like Two And A Half Men and Honey Boo Boo into hits. Sure, critics may think this show is also clichéd and insulting, Fox says, but you’ll probably love it! [via EW]

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