Less than a day after Fox announced that it was planning to plunder the public domain for a modern police procedural about King Arthur, the collective store of free human knowledge has taken another hit. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Joel Silver and Lionsgate TV have announced that they’re currently developing a weekly live-action show that’s being described as a “sexy contemporary take” on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Twist—because when you’re a sexy orphan living on the streets, you can’t afford a first name—will center on a struggling twentysomething woman who finds “a real sense of family” when she falls in with a crew of Robin Hood-esque thieves who “use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals.” (And, presumably, secure all the porridge they can eat.)


The project is being written by Fruit Ninja: The Movie scribes Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin, and shouldn’t be confused with the dozen or so other Oliver Twist projects that studios have considered adopting over the years before turning their backs on them and dashing all their hopes. Those include Olivia Twist—also featuring a female Oliver—a Red Bull-sponsored 3D parkour movie, and Twist And Dodge, which updated Dickens’ novel into a cat-and-mouse game between police detective Oliver Twist and his cat-burglar frenemesis, the Artful Dodger.