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Fox is still working on that live-action X-Men TV series

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Since it seems like a safe bet that The Fantastic Four aren’t going to become Fox’s hottest superhero team any time soon, the studio is continuing to focus most of its energy on a Marvel Comics property that people actually seem to like: The X-Men. We reported last October that Fox (the network) was developing a live-action X-Men TV series possibly based on Peter David’s X-Factor, and now The Hollywood Reporter says that project is not only still in the works, but it’s actually pretty close to happening. That comes from Fox Television Group’s Dana Walden, who says that the studio is “in negotiations with Marvel” and is hoping it can “announce something soon.” Also, because apparently some people still haven’t figured out this whole mess with Marvel’s movie rights, Walden underlines that any hypothetical X-Men show would not be “including Marvel characters that are at ABC with Disney.” No deals have been made, but it sounds like Fox is pushing pretty hard for this to happen, so it could just be a matter of time.


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