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Fox is moving forward with cross-species medical procedural Zoobiquity

This is actually Monkey Trauma Center, but you get the picture

Fox’s current slate of crime- and medicine-related procedurals isn’t looking too promising: Bones is on life support and Rosewood, like its lead character, probably isn’t long for this earth. In an effort to revive this flagging genre, the network is moving forward with Zoobiquity, its adaptation of the eponymous bestseller that we reported on over a year ago. According to Deadline, Fox has ordered a pilot for the series, which comes from Stephen Nathan and Jonathan Collier, a former and current executive producer for Bones, respectively.

Zoobiquity will center on a cardiologist and a veterinarian who join forces to “cure the incurable using a unique blend of cross-species medicine that’s never been tried before.” Nathan and Collier will also write the pilot for the series, which is being described as a “light” and “unconventional” medical procedural, presumably to set minds at ease about the treatment of the animals whose bodies will help provide cures. But if the producers really want to show how conscientious they are, we suggest they find a way to include Dr. Zaius.


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