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Threatening to draw the ire of countless television conservatives who believe the only shows recognized by God are the ones that are either scripted or filmed with hidden cameras—and never, ever both—Fox is developing a new project that’s some sort of unholy combination between the two. It’s the kind of wildly unconventional idea that could only come from Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein, two guys who are experts in making TV shows that are like one thing combined with another thing. They are, after all, the creators of Comedy Central’s animated “reality show” Drawn Together.


All we know about the Fox show, other than the thing about half of it being scripted and the other half being some kind of hidden camera thing, is that it will be called Meet The Kellers. If we had to guess, though, we’d wager that the Kellers are a wacky family that does narrative-based stuff inside their own home, and then goes outside for all sorts of shenanigans that may shock or confuse the regular folk who happen to see them. Also, maybe one of them is a journalist from Kazakhstan.

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