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Fox is making a movie musical inspired by Pharrell’s life

(Photo:  Adam Rose/Getty Images)
(Photo: Adam Rose/Getty Images)

Perhaps due to the success of La La Land, or perhaps just because singing and dancing is great, it seems everyone wants to make a movie musical these days. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum are collaborating on one, and now Pharrell Williams has another in the works.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox will make a musical inspired by Williams’ childhood called Atlantis. Williams and producing partner Mimi Valdes worked with the studio on Hidden Figures, which he also scored. The pair will produce this project as well, along with as Gil Netter. Michael Mayer, best known for his work on Broadway, will direct. THR doesn’t say whether or not Williams would actually score the project, although if he doesn’t, that would be a huge missed opportunity. Apparently, the story cribs a bit from Romeo And Juliet, so be forewarned: This could be very, very sad.

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