As reported by Variety, 20th Century Fox is indirectly getting into the theme park business with a company called Al Ahli Holding Group. Together, they’ll be building a Fox-branded theme park and resort in Dubai with attractions based on as much stuff as Fox has the rights to—other than Avatar, which already has a theme park deal with Disney. Variety specifically points out Aliens, Planet Of The Apes, Sons Of Anarchy, Ice Age, Predator, Rio, Night At The Museum, The Simpsons, and Titanic, though, with any ethical concerns about a theme park ride based on an actual disaster swept under the rug with an assurance that it will “allow you to experience what it was like to be on the Titanic in an exciting way.” (Spoiler alert: Most of the people who actually experienced being on the Titanic died.)

Fox won’t actually own any part of the theme park, but “the company believes its properties will benefit from being featured across the resort.” The Dubai park will open in 2018 and will reportedly cost more than $850 million to build, and there are already plans for three more Fox-branded parks to open up outside of Dubai at some point in the future.