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Fox is just going to let The Mob Doctor bleed to death

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After months of providing the baseline of "[Show that would have been canceled anyway] was canceled, but The Mob Doctor is still on?", the Fox drama that set the new standard for surviving well past the point of reason finally appears to be done. The network has confirmed that all remaining episodes of the low-rated show will air through Jan. 7, including one scheduled to air on New Year's Eve, which should cause plenty of consternation among its many socialite fans. ("M. ______ regrets to inform she cannot attend the Grand Gala New Year's Ball, as The Mob Doctor is on.") And while Fox refuses to announce officially that the series is dead, its continued poor performance, the lack of a back-nine order or any other episodes scheduled beyond that, and the fact that some of you are going to act like you've never heard of this show in the comments all but confirms that the series is being left to die, with no amount of mob doctorin' that can save it. Hopefully someone can at least amputate Zach Gilford and transplant him elsewhere.


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