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Fox is finally making a show about a Token White Male

Jason Winer (Photo: Getty Images For The Paley Center For Media, Imeh Akpanudosen)

As reported by Deadline, Fox is planning to take advantage of the increased public support for inclusivity and better representation in the media by making a show that’s all about one of the most unfortunately maligned demographics in modern society: white guys. Okay, maybe “unfortunately maligned” isn’t right, since the vast majority of TV shows and movies do star white men and a particularly orange-ish white man is currently trying to destroy the United States because of his fragile ego. But Fox is making a show called Token White Male either way.

Described as a “legal dramedy,” Token White Male is about a guy who becomes “the first male associate at a groundbreaking all-female law firm,” presumably because a show about a groundbreaking all-female law firm wouldn’t be interesting enough without—ahem—a token white male. The man himself is a “fun-loving, no-filter, low-rent lawyer,” so he’ll probably do some classic shaking up at this all-female law firm. The project comes from Life In Pieces executive producer Jason Winer, Faking It showrunner Carter Covington, and Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion writer Robin Schiff.


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