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Fox is developing a drama about a bank-robbing airline crew

Fox is developing a new drama series about an airline crew that relieves the drudgery of air travel by robbing banks, according to Deadline. Developed by Kevin Costello, a recent graduate of Fox’s Emerging Writers Program, the show will be titled The Ultimate Getaway—a disappointing choice given that Sky Bandits, Taking Flight, and Dog Day Afternoon Layover were all right there, just waiting to be used.

Anyway, here are some scenes we hope to see in the series if it makes it to air:

  • The hero pilot smiles at the lead flight attendant and says, “You know, Marilyn, you’re one first-class thief,” and she smiles back, and the audience becomes invested in the smoldering romantic tension.
  • Lots of interstitial scenes of planes taking off and landing.
  • A passenger is rude to a flight attendant, and then she steals his wallet and smiles quietly to herself thanks to the empowering quality of theft.
  • Someone urges someone else to “Get rid of all your baggage, damn it!” and they literally throw away their luggage, and then a third person points out that this was already the ending of The Darjeeling Limited.
  • The Javert-esque detective tracking the crew steps back from a big, string-covered map of airports and whispers, “My God, it all makes sense…”
  • A tense, 30-minute scene in the finale, as the heroes’ plane waits to taxi away from the airport, and the detective, warrant in hand, slowly drives toward them on a little baggage cart.
  • The detective tensely waits to see if he’s been bumped from the flight, and will thus be unable to arrest the crew of heroic thieves (this is the big end-of-season cliffhanger).

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