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Fox is definitely developing a Prison Break limited series

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This television season, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell will be two of The CW’s Legends Of Tomorrow—but their old TV stomping grounds are more concerned with the legends of yesterday. As part of their executive session with the Television Critics Association, Fox bosses Dana Walden and Gary Newman confirmed that a Prison Break sequel is in development as a limited series at the network. The announcement follows rumblings of a revival that surfaced earlier this summer, when creator Paul Scheuring began shopping a new story of prisons and the men who break out of them. Scheuring is still working on the first episode, but Newman expects a straight-to-series order for the sequel.


If Newman’s expectations pan out, Prison Break would be the third defunct Fox show to receive the limited-series revival treatment in recent years, following 24 and The X-Files. The Fox execs noted that Prison Break’s popularity on streaming platforms paved the way for its return to TV—so if there’s an old Fox show you want to see resuscitated, fire it up on Netflix and let it play all day, every day. (Just make sure that the show, like Prison Break, 24, and The X-Files, is owned by 20th Television. Sorry, O.C. fans.)

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