Christmas has come early (or a little bit late) for people who like to come up with funny names for movie sequels, as The Hollywood Reporter says that Fox is already developing a sequel to Deadpool—and you know it’s absolutely going to have some kind of self-referential gag title. Deadpool writer Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are working on the script, and though he’s not officially signed on for a sequel, director Tim Miller is expected to return as well. Ryan Reynolds will be back too, of course, because he’d probably riot if they tried to make a Deadpool movie without him.

That brings us to trying to guess what the movie will be called. Deadpool the character is known for his fourth-wall-breaking asides and little winks to the audience, so calling the sequel Deadpool 2 would be a huge missed opportunity. Deadpool 2: The Sequel is a joke that’s been done before, but they could lean in to that idea and call it something like Deadpool 5: Deadpool’s Revenge. However, the easier and more obvious angle for Fox to take would be to rip off the name of another movie sequel. 2 Dead 2 Pool is pretty good, as is A Good Day To Deadpool or a nod to the Star Wars titles, but Deadpool 2: Electric Boogaloo is really the only option for that kind of joke. Everyone will be thinking of saying that anyway, so Fox should just beat them to the punch.