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Fox hires yet another writer to work on its Daredevil reboot

Determined not to let Marvel own all the Marvel movies just because it created the characters or whatever, Fox is still pushing forward with X-Men sequels and even possible New Mutants spinoffs, and long-planned reboots for Fantastic Four and Daredevil, despite the lattermost 2003 Ben Affleck version marking the over-saturation point for comic-book movies for a while. Nevertheless, Fox is still so determined to try again and/or reprise that mutually assured destruction that it's hired yet another writer to draft its Daredevil reboot: David James Kelly, who will take over a project that's already passed through David Scarpa (of The Day The Earth Stood Still remake), Fringe's Brad Caleb Kane, and several stages of anticipation and apathy.

Kelley's résumé includes some unspecified punch-up script work around town, plus a job as a post-production assistant on Sunshine Cleaning, where presumably he regaled Amy Adams et al. with his fantastical vision for how to revive the blind, beet-red superhero, until they asked him to please shut up and get the tapes from ADR already. Deadline reports that Kelly will still be working with Twilight Saga: Eclipse director David Slade and will still be inspired by Frank Miller's Born Again arc, in addition to Fox's need to make this movie before the rights revert to Marvel.


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