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Fox has had “preliminary” talks about reviving King Of The Hill

King Of The Hill co-creator Mike Judge (Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Rick Kern)

Last week, NBC bravely admitted that it would happily bring back every hit show it has ever had, even though the creators of those shows aren’t particularly interested, but it’s not the only network longing for a simpler time when ratings were higher and beloved shows could run for years and years. Speaking to the Television Critics Association today, Fox Television Group CEO Dana Walden teased that she has had “preliminary conversations” with Greg Daniels and Mike Judge about resurrecting King Of The Hill.

That may be exciting for fans of propane and propane accessories, but it’s important to highlight just how preliminary these conversations are. Apparently, Walden has only had a single meeting with Daniels and Judge about the idea, during which she simply asked if they would be excited about returning to King Of The Hill. They both agreed that they would be interested, but since both are very busy—Daniels with People Of Earth and Judge with Silicon Valley—Walden said it’s something they’d have to revisit later. In other words, it’s probably too early to even say that a King Of The Hill revival might happen. If anything, it could happen.


While we wait for any further developments on this, maybe Daniels and Judge could have a word with Fox about getting the show back on Netflix.

[via Variety]

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