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Fox has already pulled Knock Knock Live

Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Notta who?

Not enough viewers are interested in a reality show where Ryan Seacrest pops up on people’s doorsteps to give them stuff or make them talk to Justin Bieber, so Fox has pulled it off the air after only broadcasting two episodes.


Variety is reporting that Knock Knock Live, which stars the American Idol host as a door-to-door smile salesman, handing out individual-sized portions of the same enthusiastic blather he’s been pitching from his karaoke pulpit for years, has been pulled from the network’s schedule due to low ratings. The news will come as a major blow to all the Crest-heads in the audience, and anyone who was really looking forward to watching David Beckham show up on someone’s stoop and awkwardly try to inform the residents of who he actually is. On the other hand, the reduced hosting duties will mean Seacrest can spend more time in the cryogenic tube he wrested away from Dick Clark after usurping control of New Year’s Rocking Eve, thus ensuring his continued reign of vague smiles and audience pleasing platitudes, well into the 22nd century.

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