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Fox has already killed its new cartoon Murder Police

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Demonstrating the sort of efficiency that, when avoided, makes for a natural police comedy, Fox has already gotten rid of its new animated series Murder Police months before the show has even aired. The cartoon from Family Guy producer David A. Goodman was the first new addition to the network’s Animation Domination lineup since Allen Gregory and Napoleon Dynamite, two shows that ran for months before finally being scrapped. But Fox president Kevin Reilly didn’t waste any precious Sunday nights giving the network’s newest animated series a chance to be punted around the lineup before being shunted off to basic cable or canceled. He changed his mind about Murder Police after viewing early cuts and reading upcoming scripts he deemed unworthy of joining the Fox programming block, but this time in a way where he didn’t just decide to air them regardless, because he needs non-Seth MacFarlane cartoons.


It’s also possible that Reilly suddenly developed a deep respect for law enforcement as the thin blue line that separates civilization from chaos, or just didn’t want it to be confused with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. But whatever the reason, TV Guide reports production will continue on the show—which features the voices of Phil LaMarr, Jane Lynch, Will Sasso, and Chi McBride, among others—with the hopes that Fox can sell the show to cable networks who hopefully didn’t read stories like this one.

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