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Fox goes after hip young Debra Winger fanbase with an Urban Cowboy series

Urban Cowboy

Much as its hit show Empire has tapped into the desire for a 21st century version of Dallas (or at least a good 21st century version of Dallas), Fox is now courting one of the last remaining untapped wells of massive viewership: the ”Debra Winger fan” demographic. Because marketers covet that hip demo of fortysomething devotees 35-year-old romantic dramas, Variety reports the network is looking to turn the 1980 film Urban Cowboy into a series.

The show is being developed by Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow, Footloose), who would write and direct the pilot, as well as executive produce if the show goes to series. The program would closely mirror the story of the original film, which follows “the star-crossed relationship of Sissy and Bud as it unfolds against the gritty backdrop of rodeos, oil refineries, line dancing clubs, and other aspects of modern-day Texas.” (Note the lack of adjustments needed to differentiate the “modern-day Texas” of 1980 with the “modern-day Texas” of today—perhaps they can just insert a bearded young gentleman into the series to rail about how SXSW is totally over.) No word yet on casting, but there’s no reason why Winger and John Travolta couldn’t simply reprise their roles. After all, Texas ages you, man.


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