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Fox giving up on I Hate My Teenage Daughter

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This television season has had its share of stinkers—here’s looking at you, ¡Rob!—but perhaps one of the most critically reviled and poorly rated was I Hate My Teenage Daughter, in which two women are continually plagued by their plotting brood. Our own David Sims aptly described it as “a damp rag of a laugh-track sitcom about two quivering single mothers, both former high school weirdoes, who live in fear and awe of the mean girls they somehow spawned.” Ringing endorsements, all round!


Apparently the show didn’t fare too much better with viewers, brining in a measly 3.6 million sets of eyeballs in the most recent episode. So Fox is cancelling plans to switch Teenage Daughter into a Wednesday night slot and shelving the remaining episodes to burn off in the summer, when everyone will be so heat-addled and in withdrawal from first-run television that they might just give it another chance. Replacing Teenage Daughter will be another half-hour of American Idol, which, like the blob, can expand at will to eat any trash adjacent. This probably spells cancellation for the series, but you still have a few more chances to hate-watch the show before it gets canned. The last episode is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3.

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