As the sun sets on another busy day of preparing the fall TV schedule—allowing for the sun to rise on a new tomorrow of renewals and cancellations, series orders and pilots turned down—Fox announced that it doesn’t live with Dads anymore. But just as every ray of sunshine must give way to an equal amount of rain, the news that Fox will no longer let you look at these boobs arrived with notice of Enlisted’s honorable discharge. The well-reviewed, well-received, poorly rated military comedy will not proceed to a second season, reports of which prompted an outpouring of Twitter gratitude from creator Kevin Biegel, including the following missive that encapsulates the very duality of this period on the TV calendar.


It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all—and it moves Surviving Jack off of the schedule as well, bringing an end to a season in which Brooklyn Nine-Nine was Fox’s only freshman sitcom to live to see a sophomore year. (Among those that even made it to air in the first place, that is.) Similarly taken before they ever saw a newborn king lifted above The Pride Lands were the pilots No Place Like Home, Nahnatchka Khan’s Fatrick, and the Jane Krakowski vehicle Dead Boss. You might not give a toss, but it’s our loss—and not awesomesauce, so go tell your friend Ross—that we’ll never see David Cross playing Dead Boss.

Missing from many early accounts of Fox’s mass culling was Rake, which has also been canceled. Not even showing up to its own cancellation—that’s so Rake.