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Fox gives Sleepy Hollow another chance, axes Second Chance and Minority Report

Sleepy Hollow

Acting with an apparent disregard for The A.V. Club’s rapidly dwindling supplies of renewal and cancellation puns, Fox has issued another round of verdicts on its current TV slate. Today’s focus: The four (four!) supernatural cop dramas the network tried to get away with deploying this year. From that group of demon-battling loose cannons, we’ve got two that have now been renewed: Lucifer, which was actually tapped for a second season back in April, and Sleepy Hollow, which will somehow enter its fourth year as a major network TV show in which Ichabod Crane stops the apocalypse by fighting angry ghosts.

Meanwhile, the network has canceled both Second Chance, a show about a corrupt Frankenstein fighting crime, and its TV adaptation of Minority Report. Neither cancellation was especially difficult to predict—we’ll miss you, dumb jokes about predicting what’s going to happen to Minority Reportas Fox had cut both series’ orders back by a handful of episodes not long into their freshman runs.


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