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As previously reported here on Newswire, 20th Century Fox has begun selling rental DVDs completely devoid of the special features available on their retail product. Well, there's been a hitch in that plan: This week's release of Slumdog Millionaire has gotten all cocked-up, and scores of copies of the rental version of Slumdog have made their way into the hands of people who bought what they thought was going to be the full-featured version. Fox has set up a hot-line (1-888-223-4FOX) to handle requests for replacement copies, but at the moment, it sure doesn't seem like this cost-cutting measure is saving the studio much money.


Meanwhile, Fox also made movie news this week by announcing that when Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs plays in 3D-capable theaters this June, the studio will not be picking up the cost of the glasses. Theater owners will have to pony up for those. (Or choose not to show Ice Age, whichever. After all, it's not like there won't be plenty of other 3D movies that those theaters could book instead.)

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