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Fox executives ask fans to believe in the possibility of more X-Files

"Trust me, Scully—we'll be back." (The X-Files; Photo: Fox)

Fox day at the Television Critics Association winter press tour has seen executives talk up reboots like an all-new Love Connection, but there was one revival that was on everyone’s lips despite not being a part of any panel. Network CEO Gary Newman was asked for an update on The X-Files, which had a truncated run as a revival/10th season in 2016. Newman said he’d had “complex conversations” about seeing more of Agents Scully and Mulder, but nothing concrete has emerged. Then he tried to perk up fans once more by saying he hoped to have an announcement about Chris Carter’s series soon. If such a thing happens, Fox wouldn’t order the usual 22-episode season, but execs think the six episodes of the 10th season might not be quite enough to tell more of the sci-fi tale. So hang in there, guys.


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