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Mankind has always struggled with how to deal with the ever-present threat of ghosts. Busting them and hunting them never seems to work all that well, but maybe that’s because it’s the wrong approach. Maybe all the ghosts need is someone to talk to about their problems.

That’s sort of the angle that Fox is taking with Apparition, a new “paranormal drama” the network is developing. This comes from Deadline, which says the series is about a doctor in New Orleans who “is reluctantly pulled into the world of paranormal investigation” when she finds out she can “connect with the afterlife.” Along with “an uncle she never knew she had and a former TV ghost hunter,” she decides to “help troubled souls, dead and alive, find peace in this life and the next.” Basically, instead of a Ghostbuster, it sounds like she’ll be a ghost therapist.


Apparition comes from Henry Poole Is Here writer Albert Torres, who also worked on Fox’s recent attempt to turn Locke & Key into a TV show.

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