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Fox developing family comedy from It’s Always Sunny star and New Girl producer

L-r: David Hornsby and Rob Rosell (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Deadline reports Fox has ordered up a script for a new family comedy from former It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia executive producer Rob Rosell and freakin’ Rickety Cricket himself, David Hornsby. Don’t worry, the broadcast medium probably won’t water down any of the raunchiness, not when the show is titled The Bastard. The series centers on Warren, a father-less janitor who finds out he’s actually part of a wealthy family. He only learns this after a “freak accident” at work almost leaves him for dead, though, so he’s not entirely lucky. But this is going to be a rags-to-riches story, as Warren eventually finds a place within the hotelier family. And yet, as Deadline intones, “he’ll always be The Bastard.”

Rosell and Hornsby also teamed up previously for the lackluster animated comedy Unsupervised. While that’s not the biggest confidence booster, Robell followed that up with a producing stint on New Girl, which Hornsby recently guested on. Most importantly, Hornsby has left an indelible impression on viewers as poor old Rickety Cricket. If he can just find time to be The Bastard, Fox might really have something here.


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