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Fox developing Bones spin-off about yet another genius whose lack of social skills is key to his success

Locking down its reputation as the home of the socially inept savant, Fox will create a spin-off of Bones, working from a character that will be introduced later this season, Mork And Mindy style. It will center on Walter Sherman—better known as The Locator, a character introduced in two novels by Richard Greener—a former military policeman who suffered brain damage while serving with David Boreanaz’s Agent Booth in Iraq, and who now possesses a unique ability to, er, locate things.

He’s also described as incredibly paranoid, “skeptical of every statement and often asks offensive, seemingly irrelevant questions which oddly enough turn out to be extremely relevant.” So he’s skilled in everything but human interaction, but ironically it’s that very eccentricity that helps him get results, damn it? This guy should get together with Monk, The Mentalist, Dr. House, whatever Tim Roth’s Lie To Me character is named, Fringe’s Walter Bishop, the dude from Numb3rs, Jeff Goldblum from that canceled show Raines, the guy from Touching Evil, and the guy from Cracker et al. and have a big ol’ misanthropic genius party where they talk about how not following the rules is the only way to get the job done.


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