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According to The Hollywood Reporter, 24 creators Joel Surnow and Bob Cochran are working with Fox to develop another revival of their hit torture drama, following 2014's 24: Live Another Day and last year’s 24: Legacy. Unlike those attempts, which focused on an older Jack Bauer and a non-Jack Bauer, this new 24 will feature the one kind of Jack Bauer that hasn’t appeared yet: young Jack Bauer.

The plan is for the show to be an “ongoing prequel series” about “how Jack Bauer became Jack Bauer,” meaning it’ll be a proper TV show instead of a limited miniseries event like Live Another Day and Legacy. It doesn’t seem to have a name yet, but 23 seems like both an obvious joke and a possible age for young Jack Bauer. Kiefer Sutherland isn’t that old, he could play a guy in his early-’20s, right?


No, we’re just kidding. He absolutely could not play 23-year-old Jack Bauer, but The Hollywood Reporter says that casting has not yet begun for the project.