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In the wake of yet another disastrous message episode responding to a tragedy, somehow Glee keeps chugging along, with Fox announcing today that it has renewed the musical smorgasbord for a fifth and sixth season.


Though Glee’s total viewers are down around 50% since its peak in the second season, it still scores a healthy 3.6 in the 18-39 demo, and with over 53 million tracks and 13 million albums sold, it’s a cash cow relatively invulnerable to declining ratings. (If only some of that money and credit was going to the right places).

Showrunner Ryan Murphy already has the next season of American Horror Story on the docket as well as an HBO pilot, and the fate of The New Normal and The Glee Project have yet to be determined, so be prepared for at least a few more years of Ryan Murphy’s work plastered all over Americas' televisions, like a slushy to the collective face.

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