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Fox continues to hoard cartoons, orders two new animated shows

Fox’s Animation Domination has entered some sort of giantess fetish phase, with the network now seemingly intent on crushing every other channel’s cartoon lineup, either actual or prospective. Now Vulture reports that two new animated shows have been added to the recently acquired, similarly in-development Napoleon Dynamite and the Jonah Hill-starring Allen Gregory. Oh, did you want an animated show, pitiful other network? Well, Fox says no.

Red Roofs is described as “a half-hour toon about a 12-year-old boy who splits his time between his divorced parents' suburban homes” and comes from Bob Kushell, whose credits include stints on Third Rock From The Sun, Samantha Who?, and The Simpsons—although he may be best known for his Crackle talk show, Anytime With Bob Kushell, where he crams the experience of an entire late-night chatfest into five minutes and his garage.


Godparents, meanwhile, comes from Brad Neely, the mind behind the Wizard People, Dear Reader spoofs of Harry Potter, “George Washington,” I Am Babycakes, and many other things that make the Internet worthwhile. It’s described as a “twisted family show about a couple ill-equipped to raise kids who are forced to take care of their godchildren”—which sounds familiar, but given Neely’s involvement, we’re guessing that “ill-equipped” suggests more than just being Katherine Heigl.

In the meantime, the network has ordered eight more scripts for the low-rated but well-liked American Dad while still holding off on a full season renewal, and is still prepping Bob’s Burgers for a January debut. It also supposedly has at least a half-dozen more animated pilots in consideration, with one more expected to be picked up by year’s end. All this rampant cartoon hoarding suggests that Fox is considering expanding its animation bloc beyond Sundays, possibly girding itself for the day when The Simpsons is finally taken off the air (though that’s still not expected to happen anytime soon), or mulling over the possibility of having Seth MacFarlane murdered before he gets too powerful. Probably one of those three things.