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Fox considering replacing Running Wilde with Christian Slater comedy

Fox’s ratings-challenged—which is a synonym for “Mitchell Hurwitz-created,” poor guy—sitcom Running Wilde has yet to receive a full season order, and things now look even more dire for its chances: Deadline reports that the network is considering replacing it midseason with the Christian Slater workplace comedy Breaking In, which can’t feel too good. Breaking In, a single-camera show set in a digital security firm, narrowly missed being on the primetime schedule last spring, despite a pilot (written by Fanboys’ Adam F. Goldberg and directed by The King Of Kong’s Seth Gordon) that tested well. If it makes it to air, it will be the third attempt by Slater to launch a TV renaissance after the back-to-back failures of My Own Worst Enemy and the ironically named The Forgotten. Mitchell Hurwitz and Christian Slater battling it out for a midseason Fox sitcom—honestly, both of those guys could use a break so this is sort of sad, like staging a bumfight. And we’re not sure which underdog we’re supposed to be rooting for here.


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