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Fox changes the title of its Frankenstein show that’s not about Frankenstein (again)

Second Chance

As you might have learned from our previous coverage, Fox has a new show about a cop who gets killed in the line of duty and is then resurrected by questionable science. And while the network has probably had an opening credit sequence of a man visiting his own grave completed for months, it can’t seem to settle on a title for the show.

Originally, the series was just called Frankenstein, despite that it has absolutely no connection with Mary Shelly’s famous novel. Then, Fox changed the name to The Frankenstein Code, which sounds less like a direct adaptation of the original story but still calls to mind mad scientists and green monsters throwing little girls into the pond. So, Fox changed it again—this time to Lookinglass [sic].


Now, perhaps because of the new association between the term Looking Glass and Johnny Depp’s terrifying face, Fox has changed the title a third time to Second Chance, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although banal, at least the new title doesn’t conjure thoughts of other entertainment that viewers might enjoy more. Still, Second Chance doesn’t premiere until March 3 at 9 PM, which is plenty of time to cycle through a few more titles that evoke the premise of the show but sound like other things, such as The Walking Dead Police Officer, Re-Animator P.D., Sometimes Cops Come Back, or Cop Sematary.

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