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Fox casts guy who isn’t Rivers Cuomo in its Rivers Cuomo pilot

Ben Aldridge in Our Girl

When we first reported that Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was producing Detour, a comedy pilot for Fox based on his experience leaving Weezer to go back to college, we had some questions. How closely would the show follow Cuomo’s life? Would his fictionalized self release an album featuring the face of some other Lost cast member? Can we just listen to the old stuff? Well, at least one question is now answered, as Deadline reports that Fox has cast extremely charismatic and good-looking British man Ben Aldridge as the lead in Detour.

Seen above showing off the rock-hard abs and chiseled physique that made Cuomo famous, Aldridge will be playing the role of Michael Sturges, a “charming rock star who made the unexpected choice at age 30 to quit his band and go back to college.” He’ll be joined by Joey Morgan as Walter, Michael’s “brilliant but socially anxious/awkward college roommate,” which makes it sound like there was some kind of mixup in the writers’ room over which character was supposed to be based on Cuomo. The pilot is being written by Psych creator Steve Franks and directed by The Wedding Ringer’s Jeremy Garelick.


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