Photo: John Fleenor (Fox)

As reported by Deadline, Fox has canceled Ghosted after one, tumultuous season. This news comes just a few weeks after Fox rebooted the show halfway through its season into more of a straightforward, Office-style comedy, thanks to the guiding hand of new showrunner Paul Lieberstein—who played Toby on The Office. The soft reboot was well-received by the people who were still watching Ghosted after its rough first few episodes and the lengthy hiatus it went on when Fox was putting the retooling into motion, but it seems like the ratings were simply still too low for the network to really care. Granted, Fox should’ve seen that coming, since TV ratings in general go down during the summer and Ghosted had already been having issues, but maybe Fox just wanted to make room for next season’s comedies. We’re all excited for the return of Last Man Standing, right?