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Fox cancels Almost Human (Firefly also still canceled)

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The ever-lengthening days and ever-warming temperatures in this Northern Hemisphere of ours can mean only one thing: It’s time for Fox to cancel science fiction shows with gleeful impunity. The network has done just that by cutting down Almost Human, the show about futuristic cops forced to work with futuristic robot cops that was never really as good as its premise or central duo of Karl Urban and Michael Ealy, if you’re being honest with yourself. But let’s be honest: This is Fox canceling a science fiction show, not to mention one whose ratings weren’t all that bad, so nobody is going to be reasonable about anything. Let Almost Human be added to the funeral pyre of shows Fox canceled with cool premises and shaky execution! Let all who dwell in comments sections around the Internet say, “Just like Firefly!” because Fox must forever be punished for canceling Firefly, even though none of the people involved in that cancellation work there anymore! Let the ground be wetted with the blood of the innocent! And let us all remember that this show somehow had Minka Kelly in its cast, then didn’t immediately say, “Minka Kelly is a robot, because that makes the most sense.”


This move leaves Dads, Enlisted, and Surviving Jack as the only three shows on Fox’s lineup that the network has yet to make an official decision about. But c’mon. Dads is coming back. America has Dads mania! (In related news: Fox, please don’t renew Dads. Please renew Enlisted. Does it make financial sense? Not really! But it’s what we would want. And you know how much you want to please us, Fox!) [The Hollywood Reporter]

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