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Fox bringing back In Living Color

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Fox has been trying to recreate the success of In Living Color pretty much ever since it premiered—a history of sketch comedy experiments that stretches from 1992’s The Edge to MADtv to the recent, Jamie Foxx-produced In The Flow With Affion Crockett—and it’s finally hit upon a way to do that: just make it again, as is the style of our time. The network has set up its In Living Color reboot first as part of its 25th anniversary celebration, with host and creator Keenen Ivory Wayans returning for two half-hour specials in midseason to remind original fans that’s been nearly a quarter-century since the show debuted, and that they are old. But more than just cause for Jennifer Lopez’s assistants to scurry about, draping every television in heavy black cloth and feeding her telegrammed invites into the furnace, the anniversary specials will also be used to gauge interest in a full-blown reboot, with Fox giving the new In Living Color a series option for possible pick-up in the fall with an all-new cast that will still probably be at least 40-percent comprised of Wayans spawn—plus Tommy Davidson, who has long been said to haunt the Fox backlot, the halls echoing late at night with the eerie sounds of his Sammy Davis Jr. impersonation.


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