In the newest in a series of dubious-sounding Peter Pan projects, Melissa McCarthy has signed on to basically steal Aidy Bryant’s schtick in a live-action version of the Tinkerbell story. Considering McCarthy’s track record of playing a hilariously foul-mouthed, inappropriately sexual bridesmaid, con artist, cop, and recently unemployed fast-food worker on a joyride with Susan Sarandon, the safe money is on ads at bus stops proclaiming “she puts the ‘tink’ in stink” or whatever as McCarthy makes a “who farted?” face. But if we close our eyes, wish really, really hard, and clap our hands together, there’s still a chance that McCarthy will realize that she’s better than this—oh, wait, The Internship’s Shawn Levy is directing, with Sex Tape and Neighbors’ Nicholas Stoller writing the script? Yeah, it’s probably too late.