Beleaguered Simpsons fans who feel as though their once-beloved show is slipping away from them, you now have the chance to make your voices heard and affect the future of the series, albeit in the most insignificant way possible. Following the May 22 season finale, in which Ned Flanders and Edna Krabappel will fall in love according to the mathematical combination set that dictates all modern Simpsons storylines, Fox will launch an interactive contest where viewers can vote on whether the couple—known by its already-irritating portmanteau, “Nedna”—should stay together next season. All summer long, you’ll be able to log onto the official Simpsons website to register your vote as “Pro Nedna” or “No Nedna” [Pause for obligatory “Democracy just doesn’t work” quote] as well as download videos, wallpapers, Facebook and Twitter badges, and other things that will let your friends know you’re really invested in a minor plotline from The Simpsons. In case you’re wondering, we’re voting a straight “Let’s Pretend This Contest Isn’t Happening And Don’t Ever Say ‘Nedna’ Again” ticket.