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Dan Harmon is dabblin’ in animation once again, with Fox announcing today that the Rick And Morty and HarmonQuest producer has just lined up a new animated series with the network. The show will center on, well…Okay, we don’t actually know what it’s about, because they won’t tell us. (Admittedly, it’s very early days.) But Harmon’s working on it! Yesirree.


The announcement comes at an interesting moment for Fox Entertainment, the TV production concern the network’s owners founded last year, after it sold all its old TV production companies off to the ravenous corporo-concept known as the Disney Omni-Mind. Said animation megacorp now owns most of the big animated series—Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and of course The Simpsonsthat still run on Fox the network, while the company’s newest animated projects, Bless The Harts and Amy Poehler’s Duncanville, were both produced by both Fox Entertainment and the Disney-owned brands. But this Harmon project will see the company bucking the large and powerful mouse to try this whole “cartoons for adults” thing on its own, along with its Bento Box Entertainment subsidiary.

Harmon currently produces and writes on Rick And Morty; he also recently sold a pilot, Danny DeVito and Aubrey Plaza’s “let’s raise the Antichrist” comedy Little Demon, to FX. And now he’s got this new thing, which they won’t tell us anything about, which is fine, just fine, that’s totally their right. Anyway, we’re just going to be over here, puttering around a bit, definitely not waiting to hear what Dan Harmon’s new, exciting, fancy Fox-branded animation project is all about.

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