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Fox announces a Masked Singer spin-off about dancing, which somehow sounds even worse

Not to make assumptions, but whoever designed this steampunk fox costume is on the internet too much.
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

As a TV show, there are a lot of things about Fox’s The Masked Singer that don’t make any sense. Why does the judges spend so much time arguing about who is under each ridiculous mask if guessing the singer is a completely meaningless part of the competition? Also, why are the guesses always so terrible? Also, why is Jenny McCarthy on this show, or on TV at all for that matter?

Here’s another thing doesn’t make any sense: Fox is developing a spin-off of The Masked Singer that takes the one thing that show has—trying to guess who is singing based only on their voice—and throws it away. It’s called The Masked Dancer, and it’s apparently inspired by a segment on the Ellen show (with Ellen DeGeneres herself joining the dark Masked Singer cabal as an executive producer). Vulture explains that it’ll just be The Masked Singer but with dancing instead of singing, making it seemingly impossible to make any sort of guess about who is wearing the goofy costumes. They could just put different people in the suit every week like on The Mandalorian and nobody would know until they take the flamingo mask off and reveal… Rob Gronkowski or whatever. It doesn’t seem nearly as interesting to tune in every week and say “Oh, I recognize Rob Gronkowski’s plié” as it does to say “That sounds like Rob Gronkowski singing and it is truly terrible.” Then again, even that isn’t very interesting, so what do we know?


Either way, Fox definitely has to find another D-level celebrity with a habit of promoting extremely dangerous non-science to be one of the judges. It’s an iconic part of the brand now.

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