The King Kong legend has been retold several times over, but rarely have any of his many versions attempted to tell the giant ape’s side of the story, primarily because he is a giant ape, and his story can be summed up as “Giant apes generally belong on islands, not romancing starlets in the big city.” But Fox is determined to tease out the various nuances of that perspective with a new King Kong film—an animated version this time, which will not only reverse the point of view to make Kong more sympathetic, but will also give it a “modern-day twist.” That’s not much to go on yet, but it did spur us to look up the old Kong: The Animated Series, which concerned a genetic clone of King Kong who uses an Internet-abled helmet called the Cyberlink to merge with a young boy and occasionally battle an evil firearms dealer. Anyone else remember it? The Internet did weird things to children’s cartoons. Anyway, how they plan to improve on that, we have no idea, but maybe they could add some songs?