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Fox adds Monster-In-Law to list of movies turned sitcoms

Illustration for article titled Fox adds iMonster-In-Law/i to list of movies turned sitcoms

Lending further credence to the idea that today’s “TV development slate” is really just a stack of unreturned videos, Fox is now developing a series loosely based on the 2005 movie Monster-In-Law, which was itself loosely based on the idea that Jennifer Lopez was a relatable romantic comedy star. According to Deadline, The Carrie Diaries’ Amy B. Harris and 30 Rock’s John Riggi are developing Monster-In-Law as a follow-up to that sort-of-remembered film, creating a multi-camera sitcom about “a happy couple about to learn the joys and horrors of parenthood while managing the most challenging relationship of all—the one between a wife and her husband’s mother.”


Indeed, it’s a tale as old as time—and specifically as old as 2005, when the premise of a married couple dealing with an intrusive mother-in-law was first invented by Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda. Updating their concept for the modern, sophisticated TV viewer, Fox will now add several cameras and a live studio audience.

Monster-In-Law joins an increasingly deep catalog of movie adaptations that should make perusing next year’s TV listings like looking at the DVD collection of a date you’ll quickly try to get out of.

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