(Screenshot: YouTube)

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games come to a close this weekend, wrapping up an exciting two weeks of sportsmanship and bizarre Ryan Lochte lies. But before Rio‚Äôs shiny cauldron is officially extinguished, let‚Äôs take a quick moment to remember this absurd Olympic sailing ‚Äúcommentary‚ÄĚ video from the 2012 London Games:

Though it got passed around as an authentic bit of commentary at the time, the video‚Äôs humor is very much intentional. The voiceover comes from Francis ‚ÄúThe Viper‚ÄĚ Higgins, an antagonistic character played by Chris Tordoff on the Irish mockumentary series Hardy Bucks. The original video was actually taken down by the International Olympic Committee (which ‚ÄúHiggins‚ÄĚ was none too happy about). It was reposted on another channel, however. And now it can lend one last bit of absurdity to an already absurd Olympics.