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Since her Chelsea Lately days, comedian and writer Fortune Feimster has been weaving in and out of some of our favorite shows (including one woefully brief pit stop at Claws) to insert her brand of Southern-infused chuckles. Now, she has her own hour-long stand-up special coming to Netflix, Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty, where she reminisces about growing into her queer identity in her home state of North Carolina. The streaming platform released the trailer for the special today, which features a clip of Feimster delving into her Girl Scout days and her old stance on girls joining the Boy Scouts. Her objection, by the way, ostensibly had nothing to do with rejecting progress and everything to do with not wanting to compete with some overachieving jackass named Timmy for Angela’s affection.

Here’s the official synopsis from Netflix:

Southern-born comedian, writer and actress Fortune Feimster is back with her first hour-long Netflix original comedy special, Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty. The comedian recalls her childhood misadventures as a former Girl Scout, debutante and (disqualified) swim meet champion; her family’s complicated relationship with Hooters; and how a movie helped her realize she was a lesbian.


Page Hurwitz and Wanda Sykes serve as Executive Producers for Push It Productions alongside Krysia Plonka and Tracey Baird for Thank You, Brain! Productions; Jacquelyn Smith, and Nicole Garcia.

You can check out the high-energy trailer for Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty—which begins streaming on January 21—below.

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