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Former writer for ALF and Bad Boys II hired to update The Thin Man

Illustration for article titled Former writer for emALF/em and emBad Boys II/em hired to update emThe Thin Man/em

The Johnny Depp-starring remake of The Thin Man seems to be moving forward, despite the fact that Depp is currently attached to make Pirates Of The Caribbean movies for the rest of his natural life, with occasional time off for Dark Shadows and The Lone Ranger. Undaunted by their lead’s Jacob Marley-like shackles, however, producers have now hired screenwriter Jerry Stahl to take a stab at updating and imitating the witty and urbane dialogue of the original, presumably based on Stahl's work on Bad Boys II. That or ALF, of course, where everyone’s favorite Melmackian and Willie Tanner were sort of the Nick and Nora of TV alien sitcoms. But then again, you may also remember Stahl as the guy who did a ton of smack and then wrote about how hard yet occasionally awesome it is to be both successful and on smack in his memoir Permanent Midnight, which was later adapted into a film starring Ben Stiller. So all joking aside, Stahl obviously knows what it’s like to keep a cool wit while being smashed off your ass, making him something of an inspired choice to tackle Dashiell Hammett’s perpetually drunk detectives.

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