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Former Vikings star Travis Fimmel joins Ridley Scott's android show

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Photo: Phillip Faraone (Getty Images)

Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lothbrok was killed off over two years ago on History’s drama hit Vikings, and now—finally—Fimmel has lined up another regular TV gig. He has a few film roles in the works, but it’s weird that the guy who was the face of a surprisingly big hit hasn’t found a new series to star in… until now, at least. According to Deadline, Fimmel is set to star in Raised By Wolves, the TNT sci-fi drama that will be Ridley Scott’s directorial debut on television.


Last we heard, Raised By Wolves will take place on a planet that has been colonized by future humans, with the plot centering on a pair of androids who are in charge of taking care of human children while the adult humans break off into their own religious factions. The androids then have the opportunity to shape the kids however they want, but that ends up being a “treacherous and difficult task.” Fimmel will play one of the androids, a dude named Father, and it sounds like his female android counterpart (Mother) has yet to be cast.

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