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News broke last month that Amy Hennig, the writer and creative director of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, had left her longtime studio amid development of the upcoming Uncharted 4 (or whatever it will eventually be called). Today, Electronic Arts announced that Hennig has joined the team at Visceral Games, the EA-owned developer behind the Dead Space series, and will be working as the creative director on the studio’s unannounced Star Wars game. Last year, EA got the exclusive rights to make Star Wars games for the next 10 years, but only one game has been announced thus far, the new Star Wars Battlefront, which was briefly mentioned at last year’s E3 conference with a 30-second teaser trailer. As for Visceral’s Star Wars game, we now know that Amy Hennig is directing it, and that’s pretty much it. Given her past credits, having to work within the Star Wars universe will surely mark a major shift for Hennig. It’s not exactly a mythology that’s suited to the adventures of a quick-witted, charming scoundrel. Nope. Not at all.


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